Sunset Event*

Lit up Kayaks single and doubles

Lit up Stand Up Boadrds

Giant SUP

Day Time Fun Kayak

and Stand Up Board rentals


Enjoy the many services we offer for families, beginners, and the experienced. Be Active and have some SERIOUS FUN! We offer our customers many services that are EXCLUSIVE only to Bayside Water Rentals.

FIREWORKS (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Want a front row seat on the water for SPI’s Fireworks Show? Bayside Water Rentals will provide the WOW experience that is affordable, safe, and memorable.


Enjoy an amplified experience of bursting colors and vibrations on the water from the Fireworks overhead while you sit on an LED kayak or paddleboard that changes colors and glows!


Bayside Water Rentals provides a guided Fireworks Venture to a location out on the water and anchor down to watch the incredible pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen before. If you want to avoid the crowds on a boat and have your own space....this event is for you!


Reservations are suggested (limited spots available).  Reservations for this event can be sold out one or two weeks ahead of time.


DRIFTerz Water Taxi

the “Destination Pickup Service” 11am – 4pm

Try SPI’s version of tubing downstream…..drifting with the tide.

Drift along the shoreline and let nature move you along in an effortless good time on the Bay even on windy a day. Bring a cooler with beverages using our Giant SUP and you’re sure to have some “serious fun.”

Rent any of our equipment for a one-way trip and get picked up at a designated destination miles down the shoreline. We pick you up and shuttle you and the equipment back to the launching location.

Check offers for a special discount for this service.


LED Sunset Event (changes with the time of sunset)

  1. Single Kayaks and SUPs with glowing technology

  2. Tandem Kayaks with glowing technology

Don't just watch the a part of it as you sit on the water when the sun reaches the horizon.

Once the sun goes can be in a Kayak or on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) that have our EXCLUSIVE LED technology.
Check in a half hour before the event. Be on the water a half hour before sunset, and come back to shore at dusk with lights flashing and glowing like a magical firefly.

Daytime Rentals 10am-5pm or by appointment

  1. Single Kayaks and SUPs

  2. Giant SUP

  3. Special prices according to the number of people in your group.

  4. Tandem Kayaks

Don’t get stuck in a 3 hour rental somewhere else on SPI. Enjoy new and comfortable equipment that is launched from our exclusive customer friendly floating dock on the water’s edge. Your safety is very important to us and we have the only exclusive safety feature with every rental.

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Bayside Water Rentals

Find us at Jim’s Pier, 211 W Swordfish St.

South Padre Island


Look for our trailer on W. Amberjack on the water’s edge along the boardwalk

(956) 660-6645